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July 21, 2005



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it says i have like 0 friends online,but thats impossible!i can never see the whole list!So annoying....!I got my welcome email yesterday and i was exploring the website then today i can't log in.Whenever i click on the sign in button it takes me back to the homepage.Or can I order a random printer? Or do they both have to be of the same brand? ThanksLike were you guys conjoined by a surgeon, does one of you pee sitting down while the other one pees through your leg, do you have to constantly be codependent on each other, It is FACKING retarded! Why do you do this or can anyone explain?a little while ago i stopped using my phone with the app on it, and then decided to delete the app on Facebook. then i decided to delete a post on my Facebook on the computer, and i went down the drop menu and when i removed the post, i think i blocked the app. i have tried looking for the motoblur app in account settings> apps, but i deleted that a few months earlier and its not there. and now i cant see any of the old post i made using the motoblur app on my phone. how do i recover the app so i can unblock it?
Can anyone please give me an example of an immutable abstract data type that is a consistent linear lists of strings? wyszukiwarka mp3 Is the windows 7 ultimate 64 bit making my computer slow for the p6100? If I install the 32 bit or window xp on my computer, It it make it a lot faster? If I downloaded the windows XP mode on my computer from the internet, would it make it faster? My computer is painfully slow when I try to use the internet. I have a Samsung laptop I was wondering I know there is a Torrent With Doctor who weekly/monthly and now I'm wondering is there a torrent out there with Doctor Who Adventures, The Issues of Radio Times with the Doctor, the Battles in Time and Doctor Who Classic Comics (Magazine with 27 issues and 1 special. Its the magazine that has the reprints of the Doctor comics from TV Comics and TV Action Comics)
I want to make the size of a game im playing with a java client bigger, I strain my eyes to see it. I do not want to change the screen resolution because all the options are either blurry or do not fit Everytime I use google's search engine more often than not, it redirects me to a website called something like morsearch.com. I also don't get the google instant feature anymore. Is this a virus and is there any way I can fix it without buying antivirus items? Also why did this happen? I don't do anything bad on the computer or run games on it. wyszukiwarka mp3 So I have Norton for my computer which had repeatedly told me some malicious trojan had been attacking my computer, and only could block it but not remove it. Then I got Avast, and it seemed to take care of things. Recently, I manually cleared out my internet history and cookies to speed my computer up and delete junk filling up my computer. But ever since I did, I've been constantly notified of attacks (mostly cookies I think) on my computer, 2 being serious. They've been blocked, but these attacks have begun to come ever since I deleted my history and cookies. I'm pretty positive it is because I deleted them, since these constant attacks completely stopped until I did so. Why is this/what can I do? yes
http://forum.udnr.org/member.php?25287-SmerFFFeta Okay, so I went to Start>Control Panel>Unistall add/remove programs>Itunes(unistall/remove) so it was gone. And I tried re-installing it, by going to http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ and then instead of the big blue download button, it said, "Your browser is not compatible with this content; please upgrade to a standards-based browser." I really need help, so please tell me what I have to do with THE MOST DETAILS POSSIBLE. Im kinda slow when it comes to this so just pretend your teaching a "technically-disabled mentally ill computer/technology student" Thanks so much guys. Please dont be gay *** bullies and try to curse me out, becuase you know I cant say anything back. -_______- When i trying to install any program in my computer.error is coming that other installation in progress,try again after the instatllation.but i don't start any install.i have windows7.what am i do please help to solve thisolve this wyszukiwarka mp3 I'm looking for a free program similar to Microsoft movie editor in the way i organize clips and similar to After Effects so I can add things like muzzle flashes or other basic things. Anyone out there know something good? Build a brick wall and light it on fire Does an ISP matter if you have a really good WIFI router? I'm just curious on what the relationship between the two is...


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