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July 26, 2005



The army doesn't let you join if you've had any major surgeries in the previous six months. I was just curious if their reason was, perhaps, that an individual undergoing massive hormone therapy and surgery might not be 100% on top of their game?

Julian Sanchez

I didn't want to go too far off track to address that in the piece, but basically: No. For one, "You're not a good fit" is a strange thing to say if you've got a shorter term performance concern tied specifically to the surgery, and the rational response there is to hold off and investigate whether there's a problem (Schroer had certainly put a lot of thought into scheduling the transition in a way that didn't interfere with work). Anyway, the rationale makes about as much sense for a new hire who's just announced she's pregnant, and I'd love to see LOC use that as a rationale for recinding an offer.

Liz Liedel

Fantastic article, Julian. The LOC is full of shit.

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